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We are...


We are a results oriented Marketing, Communications and PR consultancy, with decades of service within various B2B industries. We’ve created plans and assets with LED lighting manufacturers and distributors, electronics service providers, software companies, and even non-profits.


We helps our clients with marketing strategy, digital marketing (social media, email, websites), content creation, and getting media coverage. We get a kick out of helping businesses develop strategies and assets that resonate and achieve objectives.


We offer:

  • - A consistent approach to utilizing effective communication strategies in the development of marketing, public relations, social media and tradeshow campaigns
  • - Strong interpersonal, analytical and organizational skills developed through experience in a wide range of industries and company types
  • - Excellent writing skills; a creative flair developed over many years of writing and editing press releases, catalogs, brochures, newsletters, video scripts, sales letters and web copy
  • - Social media experience developed through the planning, execution and monitoring of electronic marketing presence for employers and clients

Whether you have a good idea of what you need and are looking for help making it happen, or whether you're lost in this multi-disciplinary maze of confusion they call marketing, we're here to help.

The bluejacket name


When we were considering a name for the company we gave a lot of thought to the value that we bring to our clients. Through our experience and knowledge, we have been able to navigate our clients through the murky and dangerous waters of “marketing and PR”. So we started thinking about navigation and sailing.


Sailors, particularly in the US and British navies are known as Blue Jackets (the basic handbook for US Navy personnel is called The Bluejackets Manual). These are the guys that will get you through those tough waters using their skill, know-how, savvy and smarts. And they’ll be ready to defend your ship come what may, until you have successfully completed your mission.


We thought that was a great analogy. That’s what we do for our clients. Hence, bluejacket marketing.

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